Truckcoin Gold TRKC Introduction

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Ring Signature

Untraceable Transactions

Unlinkable transactions

Blockchain analysis ambiguity

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Truckcoin Gold TRKC is not just a digital currency.


It’s a community’s lifestyle, backbone and commercial foundation for the internet.




Uses a special technology called “ring signatures” which shuffles users’ public keys in order to eliminate the possibility to identify a particular user. Payments are still anonymous by default. But unlike others, TRUCKCOIN GOLD also allows for traceable transfers.


Being a great feature, un-traceability doesn’t protect a receiver from defining his or her  balance through inspecting ingoing messages to the user’s public address.


Like any other digital currency, Truckcoin Gold is cryptographically secured. Though, the peculiarity of algorithm consists in tremendous computational and electric capibilities that a hacker would need to even try to steal your funds. To put it in a nutshell, your wallet is unbreakable.


Besides other features, privacy is basically provided with the idea of anonymous transactions without any obligations to cooperate with third parties.



Truckcoin Gold’s blockchain analysis resistance results from unlink-ability, which was achieved by using a modified version of the Diffie-Hellman exchange protocol that generates multiple one-time public addresses that can only be simply gathered by the message receiver, but hardly analysed by confused foreigners inside the block explorer.


Around 1-2 MB scratchpad allows TRUCKCOIN GOLD to run efficiently on mobile devices alongside regular laptops and desktops.


Pruning allows the blockchain to stay small and not outgrow devices with limited storage. This feature also improves anonymity by reducing age-based attacks.


Besides other features, privacy is basically provided with the idea of anonymous transactions without any obligations to cooperate with third parties.

Decentralized digital currency is slowly becoming a normal part of everyday life. Yet people’s main internet device continues to be their mobile, a device with a low-powered CPU and limited available storage.

Truckcoin Gold is about enabling this era, enabling an age where all people everywhere have the freedom to privately send and receive money with whatever gadget they already own. With Truckcoin Gold, you are your own bank. There is only you can control and be responsible for your funds. Your accounts and transaction are out of reach to any prying eyes. Truckcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the internet network.


PoW algorithm: CryptoNight-Lightweight
Max supply: ~18.4 million
Block reward: smoothly varying
Block time: 240 seconds
Difficulty: retargets at every block

MD5: 48ba65e1e0f2dd8d13a1072f4fec07b1

MD5: f85d86255be09b33441582a94d0c1baa

Previous version:

0.11.1 WINx64 CLI MD5: bfc18b93245b2196c02e46331240572b
0.11.1 WINx32 CLI MD5: 08f4f1f963c00938cb82438318da881b
0.2.4x64 GUI MD5: 33fd91de30759ffa6231afe47d7d7d70
0.2.3x64 GUI MD5: 98878d153ed54ec21912a239d0088aec

MD5: c4833086bc2dc641b1c2bed0931028ed

Previous version:

0.12.0 GUI MD5: dfeb53d8dcb2581de09f23c0e03b51f9
0.11.1 High Sierra GUI MD5: b4079f680416d368344409391619c87e
0.11.1 GUI MD5: 7b979954252a36c1e979b5df05bae69e
0.11.1_patched CLI MD5: cb1b4ec57814a8dae983fd8e7a229693
Mac0.11.1_CLI MD5: 7356bd1116d03c13e9d412735ffeb270
Mac-CLI MD5: 033b1120104a5d71075d1b105d8af386

MD5: 5d0621fd15497507e2cf302e322edc6c

MD5: 2340fbc4e206005aa82c7f1845a904d3

MD5: 8b8e14604c3c1ef617b690008ae9cd31

MD5: 00ae5730c2080b16d6c6c75e9ccc8561
Block Height ~ 221583
Bat file for moving blockchain.raw

MD5 ( = d1d5491634a9dd883dab7de939da5084