A Mega Jackpot, usually known as a powerball, mega ball or bonus ball, is a number drawn in a lottery game that comes from a second number field, rather than among the game’s “regular” numbers.

With only $10, players will select 6 numbers from 01 to 59, after submit 6 numbers there is 1 Random different number to combine with your chosen numbers. Players will have a list of 7 numbers to play for each draw only $10.

Depend on how many draws you selected, your list of 7 numbers will play how many times with our new draw

Everyday we have new draw list of 7 numbers at 16:00, we will compare your matched number with the following prize:

  • 1st Prize: Mega Jackpot (90% of the Jackpot and will share with how many winners have same result).
    (Match all 7 number with the latest Draw)
  • 2nd Prize: $2,000.00
    (Match 6 Numbers included our Draw’s Random Number)
  • 3rd Prize: $1,000.00
    (Match 6 Numbers)
  • 4th Prize: $90.00
    (Match 5 Numbers included our Draw’s Random Number)
  • 5th Prize: $56.00
    (Match 5 Numbers)
  • 6th Prize: $34.00
    (Match 4 Numbers included our Draw’s Random Number)
  • 7th Prize: $21.00
    (Match 4 Numbers)
  • 8th Prize: $13.00
    (Match 3 Numbers included our Draw’s Random Number)
  • 9th Prize: $8.00
    (Match 3 Numbers)
  • 10th Prize: $5.00
    (Match 2 Numbers included our Draw’s Random Number)
  • 11th Prize: $3.00
    (Match 2 Numbers)
  • 12th Prize: $2.00
    (Match our our Draw’s Random Number)
  • 13th Prize: $1.00
    (Match 1 Numbers)

We payout the winning amount everyday, if your total winning amount is more than $100 and you don’t have any Loan Packages uncompleted. Moreover, there is also 5% commission for direct sponsor with every playing amount. The commission will credit to the Commission Amount of Sponsor.
We hope you will enjoy and wealthy together with our Mega Jackpot Game.