Google Home, the smart speaker and voice assistant, has been hiding a secret. By default, the device is voiced by an anonymous female. Say the magic words though and she’ll turn into a pseudonymous male – Mr Satoshi, your voice-activated cryptocurrency personal assistant.

Calling Mr Satoshi

Google Home’s “Mr Satoshi” is Your Cryptocurrency Personal AssistantEaster eggs are hidden messages concealed inside games and programs. They’re often put there by developers as an inside joke, spurring gamers on to mash buttons and search through sub-menus in search of these concealed features. Rockstar Games famously pepper their GTA games with easter eggs, and Google are responsible for dozens. Try Googling “do a barrel roll” or “anagram” for some of their more obvious ones.

The latest easter egg to be attributed to Google lies closer to home though – quite literally. It’s been discovered that the Google Home smart speaker conceals a cryptocurrency assistant. To summon it, utter the words “Okay Google” and then ask to talk to Mr Satoshi. “Okay, let’s get Mr Satoshi,” replies the speaker. “Hi, I’m Mr Satoshi,” it adds a beat later – whilst retaining the same female voice. “Which digital currency are you trying to check?”

The voice assistant will then deliver real-time prices on any major cryptocurrency of your choosing. The discovery of Mr Satoshi is evidence of two trends: the pervasiveness of cryptocurrency, and the growing cult of Satoshi Nakamoto.