Step 1: run: cmd to go to Command Line Tool

Step 2: Go to your TRUCKCOIN GOLD Folder

Step 3: Run Truckd.exe daemon. Remember to Allow your firewall so daemon can access to other nodes. With Linux or MACOS you can use ./truckd

Step 4: Get another tab command (can use CRT + T) or go Step 1, 2 again for another command tool. Then run the simplewallet or truck-wallet-cli

Step 5: Create your demo wallet. You can use any name as you want, you also can see your 24-25 wallet seed after create new wallet

Step 6: Using command –help in simplewallet or truck-wallet-cli for viewing more command.

Step 7: Using command seed to view your 24-25 words wallet seed.

Step 8: Viewing help command outside simplewallet or truck-wallet-cli:
truck-wallet-cli –help

Step 9: Restore wallet from your seed using command:
truck-wallet-cli –restore-deterministic-wallet

Step 10: Create your restore wallet with different password and Enter 24-25 words wallet seed

Step 11: Well done !!! We had restore demo wallet to restore wallet, you can see they have same address and wallet seed.