The domino effect is beginning to occur in the Bitcoin merchant ecosystem. There are now countless things you can buy with Bitcoins.

Everyday new businesses begin to venture away from our traditional monetary systems in order to reap the financial benefits that Bitcoin has to offer. Billion-dollar corporations, to small businesses and charities have strategically incorporated Bitcoin in their business models. Below is a list of the most popular companies that accept Bitcoin as payment:

Overstock (Wholesale Products)
Dell (Consumer Electronics)
Expedia (Flights and Hotels)
Dish Network (Satellite Television)
Newegg (Retail computer hardware and software)
TigerDirect (Consumer electronics)
CheapAir (Flights)
1-800-Flowers (Flower delivery)
HonestBrew (UK beer delivery)
Gyft (Gift-Card Company)

The list doesn’t end here! These are just some of the major companies that currently accept bitcoin. There are thousands of small-businesses around the world that have incorporated Bitcoin into their daily operations.